Heat Exchangers in Northeast Region

At Troy Boiler Works, we have everything at hand to take care of your most urgent shell and tube heat exchanger needs. We can service the customer in a variety of ways, both on site and in the field.

All design, fabrication and repairs are routinely carried out to the latest ASME Section VIII Division 1 and TEMA standards. All units are tested prior to leaving our shop to help ensure that the customer will receive a quality repair or fabrication.

Providing Fabrication & Repair Services for Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger Albany, NY


Design is the cornerstone of any heat exchanger fabrication. Our experienced and dedicated staff possesses the skills and knowledge to create your heat exchanger according to ASME and TEMA standards. We desire to be the best at what we do, and we will work closely with you to create a heat exchanger that fits your needs.


Here at Troy Boiler Works, we are well acquainted in working with a variety of heat exchangers in all manner of configurations and sizes, with straight, u-bend, bare and finned tubing. We have experience in working carbon steel and many alloys including: copper, brass, cupronickel, stainless steel and the nickel alloys. In addition, we have a Pines #2 tube bender on the premises as well as torque-controlled tube rolling equipment to ensure uniform stresses and eliminate over-rolling. The bottom line is this: we can fabricate a custom shell and tube to your process requirements.


We are able to respond to you according to your needs, from standard lead times to turn-key, around the clock work. We can repair many heat exchangers either on-site or in our shop. We can perform services ranging from simple tube plugging to code weld repair and modification, partial and complete re-tubing, complete re-build, and complete fabrication of a replacement heat exchanger.

Regardless of your requirements, Troy Boiler Works will be there to keep you connected.


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