Job Profiles

Clad Column Fabrication

This turn -key ASME column was manufactured and shipped from Troy Boiler after a southern fabricator chosen for the job realized they could not meet the customer's deadline.

Column was fabricated from 317(L) Stainless steel and explosion bonded to 1-1/4" PVQ carbon steel. Several dissimilar metals were welded together. All fabrication was done in accordance with SECTION VIII, DIV.1 of the ASME code.

Medical Sterilizer

Troy Boiler Works has a history of exploring new markets with our customers and potential customers. This particular project involved the fabrication of a sterilizer for the medical field. The internals and piping are all type 304(l) stainless steel. An additional layer of polished cladding was added to the inside to prevent contaminants from accumulating and to aid in cleaning.

The sterilizer was designed with the idea of using fork-trucks to load and unload bulk hospital supplies to be sterilized. The resultant decrease in material handling reduced operating cost to the hospital using the equipment.

Steam Drum Section Replacement

In February of 1998 Troy Boiler Works began a complete circumferential replacement of a center section of the steam drum of a 100,000 #/hr Erie City water tube boiler. The boiler with a design pressure of 922 PSIG (at 565 degrees F) supplied steam for an area paper plant. This replacement was necessary because of a heat stressing in a section of the original drum. A replacement boiler would have been much more costly and would have taken many months to arrive at site.

Repairs of this type are one of a kind; so many factors had to be considered in this critical work. This included bracing the original structure before cutting out the bad section, forming and machining the new section, properly beveling the new and old sections, rigging the new section into place, aligning the drum sections, properly welding the drum sections together, and heat-treating the weld areas in place.

When all was said and done, the steam drum was within 1/16" level along its 40' length and the customer's equipment was back on-line, safely running with a quality repair.

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